Back To The Stompin' EP

by The Cherry Reds

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released January 22, 2016



all rights reserved


The Cherry Reds Glasgow, UK

The Cherry Reds are a young band from Glasgow who's genre is best described as 'Skankin Street Punk' , a mix of Ska, Punk and Reggae.

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Track Name: What Did You Say?
Smokin’ out a bottle and you’re drinking too much wine
Doin’ sayin’ things sending shivers down my spine
You whisper to your friend and you smile and laugh at me, With a glint in your eye.
Walkin’ back home hoping everything will be alright
You hope your mother doesn’t smell the scent of last night
You walk into your door and she only cries, With disappointment in her eye.
Sitting in you’re room goin’ over what happened last night
You remember takin drugs but not of the deadly kind
You ‘member your best girl leaving you behind, With a tear in her eye.
Track Name: Not The One To Blame
Why do I feel nothing but joy, why do I see nothing but light?
When I’m with you, I’m so gone
You’re long black hair, blue eyes caught in my stare,
Goin’ no where
Cause I feel like the light has been transported, can’t see without light
And the grey days, they won’t go away
It’s cause she don’t feel the same I understand
She’s not the one to blame
I freeze every time I see her face
Lose control of the beat, I’m so gone
Will she ever notice me, I’m just another one of her peers
A face lost in the crowd
Why do I keep, Why do I keep, Why do I keep doing this to me
Track Name: Tell Me Little Rude Boy
Walking down the street last night with his head in the clouds
Wondering where the good times went, when and how
Talks about the friends he lost and the friends he could’ve had
He wonders if his childhood was better could he have been a better dad
He gets in fights every night
Cause he don’t know wrong from right
Tell me little rudeboy (What you gonna do)
Has reality not caught on to you
Tell me little rudeboy (What you gonna do) Oh what you gonna do
He spends his time getting wasted, he passed out on the floor
He doesn’t care about the food on the table just “what was the football score”
And can he tell you when his child was born, No
But he knows the percentage on every bottle that he owns
Now he wastes his time reminiscing about the past
With a lack of responsibilities it was just him and his lass
But now he’s bankrupt outta house and home
The saddest story the little rudeboy has ever told
He gets in fights everynight
Cause he don’t know wrong from right
Tell me little rudeboy (what you gonna do) x3 , tell me little rudeboy
Track Name: Nothing Really Changes
Everything is how everything was and nothing really differed ever since I was gone
The woman next door still stands and cries and stares outside her window
And doesn’t come out to say hello or goodbye
It’s been that way for about 5 years ever since ever since ever since her husband died, I guess she died too
And the kids in the park are still smoking grass but now their sniffing cocaine they say “no pain no gain”
Well I guess nothing really changes
We’re all still fucking insane yeah
Is it the media to blame or is it just me and you
Well I guess nothing really changes
And now when the kids get into S1, they’re out having sex getting drunk having too much fun
Would it be alright if they lived their lives understood the consequences of the path they were going down , tonight
Its like they’ve never heard of contraception is this a national mental regression
And what they gonna do in about 3 years when they’re sitting their exams and they got kids on their hands, all right
Now boys will be boys now they’ll be fuck boys, treating girls like their pre-owned toys
Knockin’ about with their 95s on, takin the huff when the girls don’t give em what they want
Im in a town surrounded by users, mandy-takin, heartbreaking abusers
And why do they all think that their gods gift I thought they were gods way of taking the piss
Outta me and you
Track Name: Back To The Stompin'
Been alone for so long now, twiddling my thumbs staring at pictures on the wall
Holding back my tears, now thinking about the times that have gone
Remembering the good times all those gigs and the festivals
But when tradgedy it struck it left us all outta luck , nothing will ever be the same
Wish I could go back to the days
When we danced all night and slept all day (Back to the days)
When we owned the floor we done it all our way (Back to the days)
When our favourite bands played all our favourite songs, And we danced all night long
Wish I could go back to the stompin.
have you ever felt so broken down, that you know your lost and you know you cnt be found.
Have you ever felt so conflicted that you find yourself aimlessly wanderin about town
Have you ever felt so distant, that you cannot function all year round
When nothings ever right and you feel like everythings went wrong
Nothing will ever be the same.
I look around the tears for the fallen have fallen to the ground
I get back on my feet, put on my boots and dance to this rocksteady beat
Grab my guitars grab my brothers in arms its time that we’ll go far
We’ll bring this music back alive
Goin back to the stompin’ x3 Going back to the stompin